satan god this age?
U use curse words?

DO YOU USE CURSE WORDS? THAT IS PROOF THAT SATAN IS THE god OF THIS WORLD. 2nd CORINTHIANS 4:4 [Satan is the World's god]         Satan gets permission from GOD. Job 1:12 Satan is a Dignity  Jude 1:9 Satan has deceived you and me Revelation 12:9  every curse word we use is a deception of satan. Why did God not stop us from cursing? Why does God not stop people from killing each other? Why does God allow us to murmur against Him? The reason is that Satan is the god of this age.When Peter said to JESUS "No you will not be crucified" Jesus replied ,"GET THEE BEHIND ME SATAN" because satan is the god of this age.Although satan is the god of this world , we do not have to make him our god by using his curse words or to complain against GOD.Satan is using calamities to try to prove to GOD that we do not love Him[GOD] ,so unlike Job some curse HIM[GOD] and satan laughs at us and GOD.CALAMITIES, PERSECUTIONS, GENOCIDE,RACISM, WARS ACCIDENTS, AND EVIL OF ALL KINDS ON THIS EARTH IS PROOF OF SATAN. BUT THANK GOD HE ONLY ALLOWS SATAN A LITTLE WHILE.CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW BAD IT WOULD BE IF GOD DID NOT LIMIT SATAN? 2nd.COR 4:4             

How about this,3000 christian people were murdered in a cave by  Pope Innocent.Some may ask where was GOD?How about those christian women coming from a retreat getting killed in a fiery accident? Where was GOD? Someone may ask.God allowed it for sure. Similarly  He allowed Job TO FALL INTO SATAN'S HANDS.But notice something God did not allow satan to go all the way.

People are being killed by satan every day.Why does God allow it? The answer is that satan is of the flesh in his actions and when we recognize who is really hurting us in the flesh we will turn to GOD for help.Remember that he [satan] entered the flesh of a snake to tempt Eve.God is SPIRIT and acts through the SPIRIT.Most of us do not believe GOD. We trust in the FLESH[SATAN TARGETS THE FLESH]. But GOD ,believe it or not took those 3000 people [from the FLESH]to heaven by The Spirit, where they are happy today.And those ladies coming from a church retreat,The same judgement may be applicable[FROM the FLESH to the SPIRIT].They were probably martyrs for JESUS awaiting a martyrs crown.THEY ARE ALIVE THAT'S FOR SURE.Remember what JESUS said about the dead damsel,"She is not dead?" He also said, "She sleepeth", and remember how they laughed him to scorn, Why? Because satan is the god of this world.Who was laughing at HIM[JESUS], satan yes satan.Satan can enter our hearts[THE FLESH] and make us say things we do not want to say like curse words and all.That is why JESUS said to the Religious Scribes,Pharisees and Sadducees ,"You are of your father ,the DEVIL"John 8:44

ALL the Apostles of Jesus died for and or with this Gospel. The flesh must die one way or the other; and it is up to GOD if he allows Satan to do satan's evil work on our flesh, to actually save us from it,BE SAVED NOW BY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB 'JESUS HIMSELF'. Are you willing to die for JESUS? First John 3:16 .GET YOUR SPIRIT SOUL READY, THE FLESH PROFITS NOTHING.YOUR BODY IS JUST A TEMPORARY HOUSE ,WHICH YOU WILL SHED VERY SOON.[WITHIN 70 TO 170 YEARS] 

GOD , is very wise.HE knows that the frustrations  and afflictions of satan on our flesh will lead some of us to REPENTANCE. GOD knows that it is better to be alive with him in heaven than to be walking around in this dead and dying flesh on Earth.So when Satan is allowed to squash our flesh GOD sees it  as a way to judge satan as a murderer ,yet at the same time GOD saves us by taking us to be with HIM.

I will agree that some people do not want to go to heaven?They want to live in this flesh forever and ever.Those people will continue to curse GOD being deceived by satan  [Rev.12:9] ,believing that he[satan] can accomplish what GOD will never allow; that is making all of  us to live in this corrupted, rotten, dying Flesh FOREVER.SATAN is the persecutor of the Flesh.God allows him so that Satan can be judged as a tormentor and murderer.SATAN is also the persecutor in the fires of Hell.SATAN is the Hater of ALL GOOD.Satan lies when He says GOD will not deliver us, where is GOD? Satan says.But let us remember GOD is delivering millions of people everyday through Repentance by the BLOOD OF JESUS, then this is followed by the DEATH of the FLESH  of  HIS [GOD'S] Choosing.When we get BAPTIZED we signify OUR DEATH TO SATAN'S WORLD.Therefore , and henceforth we should not be surprised when and how people die.When they die, depends on THE LORD JESUS. How they die, also depends on HIS choosing.The Best way for a christian to die is to be Martyred,Murdered by Satan.

Before Peter recognized this He denied CHRIST three times and even cursed.He turned to Satan's LIE [CURSING]. But later Peter REPENTED WITH TEARS. SO MUST WE.SATAN KILLED PETER AND MOST OF THE APOSTLES.Should we dare to ask where was GOD? HE WAS RIGHT THERE .PETER IS IN HEAVEN FOR SURE.Because Peter began to believe GOD Wanted to give him the highest honor,a martyr's DEATH.Do you want that HONOR.


The book of 2nd Esdras chapter 2  answers many of the questions we ask, like why is life so hard for us believers and so good for the wicked unbelievers? the book of Esdras used to be in the bible but was taken out by JEROME .