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[the Lord Jesus is coming prepare]

https://hoshanarabbah.org/blog/2014/04/19/the-second-exodus/  [Yeshua promises to bring the children of israel back to Israel and back to their GOD]

Note* the gentile nations are mostly the rich nations of this world.They include NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICANS,EUROPE,USA,BRITAIN,CANADA,AUSTRALIA,RUSSIA,CHINA,JAPAN, 

These nations have colonies AND ARE GREAT  worldwide.These nations possess the evil power of or access to others with nuclear weapons which protects the value of their currency, which is [HQ]Head Quartered at The Daughters of Mystery Babylon The Great[UN -GENEVA ,in EUROPE and UN -NEW YORK USA[The americas]. They are UN united yet politically divided. They are at peace , yet at cold war all at the same time.They may one day become like GOG and MAGOG[RUSSIA & CHINA] enemies of GOD. The children of IsraeL have intermarried among these gentiles[EDOMITES] , and so have lost their identity but GOD knows who they are. The gentile nations are called[ROME][EDOM] BABYLON AND THE DAUGHTERS OF BABYLON.Their money/business HQ and Respected Religious Leader[Rome], is Mystery Babylon The Great.These gentile nations had different names in the past.They at times accepted the GOSPEL and or Jewish Laws; But fell away, again and again , so today we know they were at one time called one of the listed  [Empires]Assyria,Egypt,Babylon,Media/Persia,Greece and Rome.They have ruled for thousands of years.They are still ruling TODAY as [Reformed Rome in the UN and Roman Catholicism worldwide].Their rule will end when Yeshua[JESUS] returns for the children of ISRAEL. Satan has used the sword against us ever since he used Cain to kill Abel.Today Satan has Nuclear Bombs[Like Satan 2],Deadly Chemicals[Like Nerve Gas],Machine Guns[Like the AR 15] and Biological Weapons that can kill every person on planet earth in a short space of time.These weapons are owned and researched by the same gentile nations that have political, economic and religious rulership worldwide[These are the Edomites]. Who are they going to use these weapons against? Remember they are planning to use these weapons; in the mean time they support birth control,homosexual practice,immoral unions,abortions,wars against the poor nations, racial discrimination,evolutionary theories, and a ruling class selected by voters and  or by wealth acquired or wealth inherited.Their schools teach the big LIE of Evolution as a Fact and have in the past supported the LIE of Malthus that the World can never sustain a geometric rise in population because food production rises arithmetically slower.They have also created the Great LIE of The Big Bang to explain away GOD AS THE CREATOR. They have all kinds of fossils to prove their lies but hide the Fossils of the Great Giants spoken of by the bible, because these fossils completely debunk EVOLUTION. There were Giants on the planet Earth, some 15+ feet tall.You will never see them mentioned in our school textbooks. Why? 



You will be judged. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hn5k8IY4bg4

The pope is not GODhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EclnR63AeRY